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Agent is one of the card categories in Gwent: The Witcher Card Game, grouping the cards into races, monster classes, clans etc.

see also: Double Agent


without tokens and Alpha release cards

Image Name Type Rarity Categories Power Lane Loyalty Ability Faction
Img-50190.png Ambassador Bronze Common Agent 2 Boost an ally by 12. Spying.
Nilfgaard deck.png
Img-50257.png Assassin Bronze Rare Agent 1 Deal 10 damage to the unit on the left. Spying.
Nilfgaard deck.png
Img-50172.png Cantarella Silver Epic Agent 13 Spying, Single-Use.

Draw 2 cards. Keep one and move the other to the bottom of your deck.

Nilfgaard deck.png
Img-4036.png Frightener Silver Epic Construct , Agent 13 Spying, Single-Use.

Move an enemy to this unit's row and draw a card.

Monsters deck.jpg
Img-50173.png Joachim de Wett Silver Epic Officer , Agent 5 Play the top Loyal Bronze or Silver Unit in your Deck and boost it by 10. Spying.
Nilfgaard deck.png
Img-50155.png Letho of Gulet Gold Legendary Witcher , Agent 1 Spying.

Toggle 2 units' Lock on the row, then Drain all their power.

Nilfgaard deck.png
Img-50400.png Master of Disguise Bronze Rare Agent , Soldier 11 Conceal 2 cards.
Nilfgaard deck.png
Img-1003.png Sigismund Dijkstra Gold Legendary Agent , Redania 4 Play 2 random cards from your deck. Spying.
Northern deck.jpg
Img-1030.png Thaler Silver Epic Agent , Temeria 13 Spying, Single-Use.

Draw 2 cards, keep 1 and return the other to your deck.

Northern deck.jpg
Img-50174.png The Empress Silver Epic Agent 6 Boost by 1 on turn start.

When your opponent passes, move to the opposite row. Deathwish: Destroy the Lowest unit on the row. Spying.

Nilfgaard deck.png
Img-5033.png Udalryk Silver Epic Cursed , Clan Brokvar , Agent 13 Spying, Single-Use.

Look at 2 cards from your deck. Draw one and Discard the other.

Skellige deck.jpg
Img-3032.png Yaevinn Silver Epic Elf , Agent 13 Spying, Single-Use.

Draw a special card and a unit. Keep one and return the other to your deck.

Scoiatael deck.jpg