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The Skellige is not one of the four base factions in The Witcher 3's Gwent. It was introduced in the PC game as part of the Blood and Wine expansion pack.


Card Name Type Lane Power Loyalty Ability
Img-5106.png An Craite Armorsmith Bronze 7 Heal 2 allies and give them 3 Armor.
Img-5107.png An Craite Blacksmith Bronze 9 Strengthen an ally by 2 and give it 2 Armor.
Img-50248.png An Craite Greatsword Bronze 8 Every 2 turns, at the start of your turn, if this Unit is damaged, Heal self and Strengthen by 2 on turn start.
Img-50142.png An Craite Longship Bronze 7 Deal 2 damage to a random enemy. Repeat this ability whenever you Discard a card.
Img-5104.png An Craite Raider Bronze 4 Whenever this Unit is Discarded, Resurrect it immediately.
Img-50040.png An Craite Warcrier Bronze 6 Boost an ally by half its power.
Img-5105.png An Craite Warrior Bronze 11 Deal 1 damage to self.
Img-50273.png An Craite Whaler Bronze 8 Move an enemy to the opposite row, then deal damage equal to the number of units on that row.
Img-50136.png Berserker Marauder Bronze 9 Boost self by 1 for each damaged or Cursed Ally.
Img-50127.png Birna Bran Gold 6 Apply Skellige Storm to an enemy row.
Img-5041.png Blueboy Lugos Silver 9 Spawn a Spectral Whale on an enemy row.
Img-50310.png Bone Talisman Bronze Choose One: Resurrect a Bronze Beast or Cultist; or Heal an ally and Strengthen it by 3.
Img-50228.png Bran Tuirseach Gold 2 Discard up to 3 cards from your deck and Strengthen them by 1.
Img-50241.png Cerys an Craite Gold 6 When 4 units are Resurrected while this unit is in the graveyard, Resurrect it.
Img-50415.png Cerys: Fearless Gold 6 Resurrect the next unit you Discard.
Img-50128.png Champion of Hov Silver 7 Duel an enemy.
Img-50397.png An Craite Marauder Bronze 7 Deal 4 damage. If Resurrected, deal 6 damage instead.
Img-5005.png Coral Gold

Melee or Ranged or Siege

5 Loyal Deploy: Turn a Bronze or Silver Unit into a Jade Figurine.
Img-50229.png Crach an Craite Gold 5 Play the Highest Loyal Bronze or Silver Unit in your Deck and Strengthen it by 2.
CravenRevived.png Craven Revived Silver Melee or Ranged or Siege 4 Loyal Add 2 strength to any non-Gold unit appearing on the row.
Img-50312.png Derran Silver 6 Whenever an enemy is damaged, boost this unit by 1.
Img-50369.png Dimun Corsair Bronze 3 Resurrect a Bronze Machine.
Img-50139.png Dimun Light Longship Bronze 7 On turn end, deal 1 damage to the unit to the right, then boost self by 2.
Img-5115.png Dimun Pirate Bronze 11 Discard all copies of this unit from your deck.
Img-5116.png Clan Dimun Pirate Captain Bronze 5 Play a different Bronze Dimun unit from your deck.
Img-50406.png Dimun Smuggler Bronze 10 Shuffle a Bronze unit from your graveyard into your deck.
Img-50372.png Dimun Warship Bronze 7 Deal 1 damage 4 times.
Img-50129.png Djenge Frett Silver 10 Deal 1 damage to 2 allies and Strengthen self by 2 for each.
Img-5032.png Donar an Hindar Silver 8 Toggle a Unit's Lock status, then move a Bronze unit from your opponent's graveyard to yours.
Img-5037.png Draig Bon–Dhu Silver Siege 5 Loyal Deploy: Strengthen up to 2 Units in your Graveyard by 3.
Img-5114.png Drummond Queensguard Bronze 4 Resurrect all your copies of this unit.
Img-50144.png Drummond Shieldmaid Bronze 3 Summon all copies of this unit.
Img-50245.png Drummond Warmonger Bronze 8 Discard a Bronze card from your Deck.
Img-50408.png Eist Tuirseach Gold 5 Spawn a Bronze Clan Tuirseach Soldier.
Img-5002.png Ermion Gold 10 Draw 2 cards, then Discard 2 cards.
Img-50352.png Giant Boar Silver 8 Destroy a random ally, then boost self by 10.
Img-50130.png Gremist Silver Siege 3 Loyal Deploy: Spawn Impenetrable Fog, Clear Skies or Bloodcurdling Roar.
Img-50276.png Harald Houndsnout Silver 6 Spawn Wilfred, Wilhelm and Wilmar.
Img-50230.png Harald the Cripple Gold 6 Deal 1 damage to a random enemy on the opposite row. Repeat 9 times.
Hemdall.png Hemdall Gold 20 Destroy all units and clear all Hazards and Boons.
Img-50278.png Heymaey Flaminica Bronze 10 Deploy: Clear Hazards from the row and move 2 Allies to it.
Img-50255.png Heymaey Herbalist Bronze 3 Play a random Bronze Organic or Hazard card from your deck.
Img-50353.png Heymaey Protector Bronze 2 Play a Bronze Item from your deck.
Img-50138.png Heymaey Skald Bronze 9 Boost all allies from a Clan of your choice by 1.
Img-50287.png Heymaey Spearmaiden Bronze 2 Deal 1 Damage to a Machine or Soldier Ally, then Summon a copy of it.
Img-5000.png Hjalmar an Craite Gold 16 Deploy: Spawn the Lord of Undvik on the leftmost side of the opposite row.
Img-50131.png Holger Blackhand Silver 6 Deal 6 damage. If the unit was destroyed, Strengthen the Highest unit in your graveyard by 3.
Img-50304.png Hym Gold 3 Choose One: Play a Bronze or Silver Cursed unit from your deck; or

Create a Silver unit from your opponent's starting deck.

Img-50132.png Jutta an Dimun Silver 13 Deal 1 damage to self.
Img-5003.png Kambi Gold 1 Deathwish: Spawn Hemdall. Spying.
LordOfUndvik.png Lord of Undvik Silver 5 Spying.

Deathwish: Boost enemy Hjalmars by 10.

Img-5031.png Madman Lugos Gold 6 Discard a Bronze unit from your deck, then deal damage equal to its base power to an enemy.
Img-5043.png Morkvarg Silver 9 Whenever this Unit enters the graveyard, Resurrect it and Weaken it by half.
Img-50351.png Olaf Gold 20 Deal 10 damage to self. Reduce the damage inflicted by 2 for each Beast you played this match.
Img-50326.png Ornamental Sword Silver Create a Bronze or Silver Skellige Soldier and Strengthen it by 3.
Img-5117.png Priestess of Freya Bronze 1 Resurrect a Bronze Soldier.
RagingBear.png Raging Bear Bronze 12 No ability.
Img-50135.png Raging Berserker Bronze 8 Whenever this unit is damaged, transform into a Raging Bear.
Img-50150.png Restore Silver Event Return a Bronze or Silver Skellige Unit from your Graveyard to your Hand and set its base Power to 8, then play a card from your Hand.
Img-5036.png Savage Bear Bronze 9 After an enemy is played from any hand, damage it by 1.
Img-5038.png Sigrdrifa Silver Siege 3 Loyal Doomed.

Deploy: Resurrect a Bronze or Silver Unit.

Img-50243.png Skjall Silver 5 Play a random Bronze or Silver Cursed unit from your deck.
Whale from the Cave of Dreams.png Spectral Whale Silver 3 Spying.

Move to a random row and deal 1 damage to all other units on it on turn end.

Img-50376.png Stribog Runestone Silver 0 Create a Bronze or Silver Skellige card.
Img-50134.png Svanrige Tuirseach Silver Siege 7 Loyal Veteran: 1

Deploy: Draw the top card from your Deck, then Discard a card from your Hand.

Img-50143.png Tuirseach Archer Bronze 8 Deal 1 damage to 3 units.
Img-50140.png Tuirseach Axeman Bronze 6 Loyal Whenever an enemy on the opposite row is damaged, boost self by 1.

2 Armor.

Img-50327.png Tuirseach Bearmaster Bronze 1 Spawn a Bear.
Img-50137.png Tuirseach Hunter Bronze 6 Deal 5 damage.
Img-50141.png Tuirseach Skirmisher Bronze 8 Whenever this unit is Resurrected, Strengthen it by 3.
Img-50251.png Tuirseach Veteran Bronze 7 Strengthen all your other Clan Tuirseach units in hand, deck, and on board by 1.
Img-5033.png Udalryk Silver 13 Spying, Single-Use.

Look at 2 cards from your deck. Draw one and Discard the other.

Img-50325.png Ulfhedinn Gold 6 Deal 1 damage to all enemies. If the enemies were damaged, deal 2 damage instead.
Img-50220.png Vabjorn Gold 11 Deploy: Damage a Unit by 2. If it was already Damaged, Destroy it instead.
Img-50206.png Wild Boar of the Sea Gold 10 On turn end, Strengthen the unit to the left by 1, then deal 1 damage to the unit to the right.

5 Armor.

Skull.png Wilfred Silver 1 Deathwish: Strengthen a random Ally by 3.
Skull.png Wilhelm Silver 1 Deathwish: Deal 1 damage to all enemies on the opposite row.
Skull.png Wilmar Silver 1 Deathwish: If it's your opponent's turn, Spawn a Bear on the opposite row. Spying.
Img-50368.png Yoana Silver 6 Heal an ally, then boost it by the amount healed.