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Weather cards are neutral special cards. They apply their respective weather effect on the row they are cast on.

Right now, all weather effects deal damage. and can be cast on the opponent's side only.


The Monsters leader Dagon is capable of spawning and playing a Bronze Weather card as its ability.

Similarly, there are cards that either spawn weather (Woodland Spirit) or play one from your deck (Wild Hunt Hound or Aretuza Adept).


  • First Light is technically not a weather card, even though it is closely related to weather effects.
Icon Name Special ability
Biting Frost Damage all units on selected row by one each turn.
Clear Skies Remove all Weather effects on your side of the board, or Rally.
Impenetrable Fog Damage the highest units on selected row by two each turn.
Ragh Nar Roog Damage the highest unit on each row of the enemy's side of the board by 2 each turn.
Skellige Storm Damage the leftmost units on selected row by 3, 2, and 1 respectively each turn.
Torrential Rain Damage the lowest units on selected row by two each turn.
White Frost Damage all units on the selected row, and the row above it, by 1 each turn.